The best ATS products in the industry for Direct Employers, Manpower Consultants, Contract Staffing and RPO providers…




Provides everything you need to achieve 100% digitalization of Talent Acquisition, Manpower Consulting, contract staffing or RPO business. The unique capabilities of this offering is its AIML & BOTS that help you achieve highest level of automation of entire recruitment process combined with the world’s best AIML based CV Parser that makes you successful.         


TALLINT™ Enterprise ATS

An unique enterprise scale product to automate the complete recruitment process for Talent Acquisition process and manpower consulting business process automation of large enterprises that demand high customization, sophisticated automation and that need the capabilities to automate every process to achieve 100% digitalization and automation



Power the products with iCanRefer™ to source qualified sales leads and jobseekers from millions of referral members across the world in exchange for success referral fee. This revolutionary (patent pending) platform to power your business with millions of word-of-mouth influencers to source qualified sales leads and jobseekers, all in exchange of success referral fee.



Training Services

To empower our customers with right talent to utilize the power features of recruitment tools, this program helps recruitment career-oriented professionals with the skills required to become a champions in the best practices and in using automation tools to manage end-to-end recruitment process.


Manpower Consulting in HR Domain

In addition to provided trained recruitment workforce, we provide the required services to help you in building a strong recruitment and HR management workforce so that you focus on building your organization instead of working on building Talent Acquisition and HR Workforce.


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